Friday talk - May 2014

Date Speaker Topic
02.05.2014 Ms. Bijal Mistry Business Etiquettes
09.05.2014 Mr. Dankesh Oza Insight in RTI
16.05.2014 Mr. Bankim Shah Know your Insurance
23.05.2014 Dr. Kalpesh Jani Obesity
28.05.2014 Mr. Rajendra Shah Special Talk on Walk through Memory Lane in Vadodara
30.05.2014 RJ Manan Special Talk on Humor in Management

These sessions would be interactive and different speaker will address the gathering.
It will be an excellent knowledge enrichment opportunity for all participants. Kindly make it convenient to attend.

Venue: Guru Narayana center for Leadership, Baroda Management Association, Old Padra Road, Vadodara.
Time : 06:15 PM
Duration : 1 hr. 15 mins


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Friday Evening Talk E-Book 2016-17

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