Management Week - 2014

Inaugural of the Management Week

The Management Week of BMA was celebrated from 25th May – 31st May’14.The inaugural of the Management Week witnessed the felicitation of Padma Shri Prof. Ganesh Devy as well as commencement of AAOYM’14 (Annual Awards for Outstanding Managers) . There were other activities which were also planned during the week which incorporated Special Talks and Management Quiz. The Inauguration of Management Week as well as the felicitation of Padma Shri Prof. Ganesh Devy was held on 25th May’14.

Guruji G Narayana bestowed his blessings as well as Management Learnings to the audience. The function also addressed the unveiling of the white paper on RTC (Round Table Conference) on H.R – Managing Business Driven H.R Transformation which took place on 29th April’14, the brief of which was shared by Mr. Sudhir Kulkarni (Steering Committee – Chairperson) on the Round Table Conference on H.R and how it helps in the H.R Transformation and how it effects the Business Strategy of the Organization. The unveiling of the FET Compilation e-Book also took place, an e–Book which consists of all the compilation of all 52 week FETs (Friday Evening Talks) which are held for the year 2013-14 on various Management topics.

Special Talk on "Walk through the Memory Lane in Vadodara" by Mr. Rajendra Shah

A special talk was organized by BMA as a part of the Management Week celebrations on 28th May ’14 at the I.G Patel Seminar Hall, Faculty of Social Work, MSU on the topic “Walk through the Memory Lane in Vadodara” by Mr. Rajendra Shah. Mr. Rajendra Shah, Tourist Officer at Vadodara shared a brief on the various mysterious and magnificent places of Vadodara which were architectured by Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad. He elaborated on the glorious past of Vadodara as a heritage in itself and shared the knowledge on how various places in Vadodara were named after him. The special talk was accompanied with the exhibition of the Historical Oleo-graphs by Raja Ravi Varma, by Mr. Sachin Kaluskar, promoter of Art who has a collection of the paintings and oleo-graphs of Raja Ravi Varma. Session on Relationship Management

A Session on Relationship Management was organized by BMA exclusively for the BMA Members on 29th May’14 as a part of the Management Week celebrations. The session was taken by Ms. Nanda Dave who is a certified trainer in extended DISC. The purpose of the session was to enhance compatibility in relationship, learn to live together, better self-assessment, tips for self enrichment. The story of 99 club group was shared to the participants which made them realized the strengths and weakness which everyone has and how we can focus more on our strength to overcome our weaknesses.

Management Quiz by Mr. Shailendra Jadeja

Management Quiz was organized on 29th May at I.G. Patel Seminar Hall, Faculty of Social Work , MSU. The Management Quiz was conducted by Mr. Shailendra Jadeja. Cash prizes were distributed to the winners of the quiz.The Quiz was very informative and there an overwhelming response was received in terms of participation in this Management Quiz.

Special Talk on Humour in Management by RJ Manan

As a part of the Management Week celebrations, BMA had organized the Special talk on “Humor in Management” on 30th May’14 by R J Manan a Radio Jockey who took Humour as a profession.

He delivered a talk on Humor in Management and how it affects our day to day life.

The speaker shared his experience from the journey of his life from a RJ to the comedy factory, a transformation towards Humour. He described as to how Humour is important in various walks of life and how it should be managed accordingly without hurting the sentiments of others. The talk was accompanied by various live videos of his performance as a comedy artist which he delivered in various shows.

56th Annual Day Celebrations

On May 31st May’14, 56th Annual General Meeting took place when the new Office Bearers team was installed in the presence of the esteemed guest Dr. Vinod Rao, IAS who addressed on the theme “Gita and Governance”. The winners of the AAOYM’14 were announced on this day and prizes were distributed. The 56th AGM witnessed the Felicitation of Mr. Sandeep Purohit (President, BMA 13-14) as well as the acceptance speech of the new President 14-15, Dr. Arjun Singh Mehta.

The Winning Teams in the AAOYM’14 were:

L & T – Technological Services Ltd, won the 1st Prize on the theme, “Managing Aspirations of ‘Baby Boomers’ – Gen X and Gen Y in Modern Times”. The team members comprised of Mr. Anoop Nair, Mr. Dominic Mathew and Ms. Shikha Mittal.

General Motors India Pvt Ltd won the 1st Runners Up on the theme “Spiritual values in Business and Governance”. The team members comprised of Mr. Rohan Lele, Mr. Ashutosh Dixit and Mr. Hardik Vaidya.

Linde Engineering India Pvt Ltd, won the 2nd Runners Up on the theme “Dependency on Technology – how much REAL, How much VIRTUAL”. The team members comprised of Mr. Ujjaval Modi, Mr. Parth Pandya and Mr. Tanmay Upadhyay.

Vasu Healthcare Pvt Ltd won the Consolation Prize on the theme “Women Empowerment – Journey from Kitchen to Korporate to Kabinet”. The team member comprised on Ms. Kruti Pandya, Ms. Bhavna Solanki, Mr. Kashyap Brahmbhatt

Team of Individual women professionals named POWER won the Consolation Prize on the theme, "Women Empowerment – Journey from Kitchen to Korporate to Kabinet”. The team members comprised of Ms. Ruchita Kaka, Ms. Ami Kotak and Ms. Himani Chandorkar

This year the Annual Day had a panel discussion on the theme ‘BMA Ke Acche Din’ with 9 panelists and Mr. Samir Parikh (IPP) as the Moderator. The panelists comprised of Mr. Amit Goradia, Mr. Atul Shroff, Mr. B K Achuta (Past Presidents of BMA) who brief the audience about the GLORIOUS PAST of BMA, Mr. Chirag Bakshi, Mr. Sandeep Purohit (IPPs of BMA) , Mr. Dilip Shah and Mr. Keyur Shah (PATRONS of BMA) shared their views on theVIBRANT TODAY of BMA , while Mr. Amit Bhanagar and Mr. Prashant Amin (INDUSTRY LEADERS) elaborated on the PROMISING TOMORROWat BMA.


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